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Employee Engagement Survey

You must capture the heart of a supremely able man before his brain can do its best.”
 - Andrew Carnegie

Employee Survey - Employee Engagement 

Employee Engagement is a positive, two-way relationship between employees and their employers where both parties are aware of their and the other's needs, and support each other to fulfill these needs.

Obtaining high levels of employee engagement starts simply by making employee engagement a goal and focus of your business and trusting your engaged employees to make your company (their company) amazing.

It is a measure of the combination of an employee's involvement and satisfaction with as well as enthusiasm for work. There are mainly four factors that influences Employee Engagement

i. Personal growth in the company

ii. Teamwork/ colleagues

iii. Management Support

iv. Basic needs

Why is Employee Engagement important?

One of the most obvious results of disengagement is turnover, which can be very costly to an organization. Numerous studies conduction in this area have found that Employee Engagement improves retention.

Overall, in an organization you three key types of employees:

Engaged - employees who are passionate about their job and their organization. they drive the company to move forward. 

Not Engaged - employees who comes to work only to earn their wages,putting in hours instead of energy.

Disengaged - employees who are disgruntled and unhappy, who may act out their unhappiness in the form of sabotage and influence their co-workers.