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About Us

Round Hole? Round Peg
"The right job for the candidate and the right candidate for the job! "  

Chrissen Talent & Consulting is a boutique recruitment search firm, which is a nice way of saying we’re small. We like it that way because it allows us to provide better services for our clients. We excel at identifying talent and delivering training programs best suited to our client's needs in today's competitive knowledge based economy. 

Every job is unique and so is every one of us. Finding the right fit is not always easy, but that is exactly what we strive to achieve with every Employer and every Candidate, every time.

Benefits of hiring through us

1. No overhead cost until the we fill the position.

2. We source and fully screen candidates before the internal recruiter or hiring manager ever speaks to the candidate, which can reduce costs and saves time
3. Advertising and sourcing cost  falls on us, not the employer.
4. You will experience a more in-depth relationship from our consultants versus corporate recruitment consultants.

Benefits of Job Seeking through us
1. We get first dibs on open jobs that might not ever be posted on corporate job boards, which means a job seeker receives the opportunity to apply for a job before anyone else.
2. Get your foot in the door!  We will be fighting hard to land you an interview and a job placement. Applying directly to companies maybe a challenge as they might overlook your resume when you apply on your own, but we can make you stand out in the crowd.
3. You will have a more in-depth relationship with us versus corporate recruiters who focus solely on filling a specific job.