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For Employers

At Chrissen, we understand your needs and strive to exceed your expectations and make a personal commitment to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. 
We are committed to delivering solutions that enable you to thrive in today's complex business environment.

Benefits of hiring through us

1. No overhead cost until the we fill the position.

2. We source and fully screen candidates before the internal recruiter or hiring manager ever speaks to the candidate, which can reduce costs and saves time
3. Advertising and sourcing cost  falls on us, not the employer.
4. You will experience a more in-depth relationship from our consultants versus corporate recruitment consultants.

Our Services Include:

    • Supplying permanent recruitment solutions for talents from: 
              o   Information and Technology
              o   Insurance
              o   Education
              o   Oil & Gas 
    • Pre-Employment Screening
    • Training and Consulting

Having the right talent in your team helps you achieve your goals and deliver results for your company. In today’s marketplace, we offer expert recruiting solutions to meet these challenges.

Ensuring You Hire the Right People

With Pre-Employment screening, Chrissen can help you mitigate your hiring risk and validate your hiring decisions to save on time, effort and money. 

Hiring, Retaining and Developing Your Team

In all business, time is money. The training modules offered and employee surveys available are intended to increase the operational efficiency of your company.